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Guadalupe Masa, Barcelona 1969.

He studied Fine Arts at the San Jordi University of Barcelona, graduating in the specialty of painting. Since 1992 he has made his artistic career in numerous collective and individual exhibitions in the Spanish, European and North American territory. His painting could be defined within the lyrical abstraction, with color and stain being its main representatives.

Currently, he continues to develop various artistic projects and combines artistic creation with the teaching of Fine Arts.

“Arcano X, Rueda de la fortuna”, "Arcane X, Wheel of Fortune "
“Arcano XV, El Diablo”, "Arcane XV, the Devil "
“Código Flamenco, Arrebato”, " Flamenco Code, Rapture "
“Solsticio de Verano”, " Summer Solstice "
“Código Flamenco, Etéreo”, " Flamenco Code, Ethereal "
“Arcano XI, La Fuerza”, "Arcane XI, The Force"
“Código Flamenco, Zambra”, " Flamenco Code, Zambra "
“Arcano VIII, La Justicia”, "Arcane VIII, The Justice "
“Arcano XXlI, El mundo”, "Arcane XXlI, The world"
“Código Flamenco, Saetas”, " Flamenco Code, Arrows"
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Museum Franz Gertsch
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